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   ExecutiveAssistant / Call Recording and Monitoring

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Key features at a glance

  • Powerful Call Screening facility for all your Incoming Calls
  • Speech Recognition Auto-Attendant
  • Speech Dialing and Remote Speech Dialing to any of your contacts
  • Selective Call Forwarding
  • Integrated Voice Mail and Remote Voice Mail accessibility
  • Record and Monitor telephone calls

  • Product Demonstrations
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3Com ExecutiveAssistant is a time saving application that employs powerful capabilities for incoming and outgoing calls. This application uses speech recognition for screening calls that come into your company, and uses speech dialing to allow you to place outgoing calls quickly and effortlessly. You are able to see and hear who is trying to reach you for each incoming call, thus letting you decide how you want to handle the call. At the same time, the caller has a crisp uniquely professional-sounding experience. ExecutiveAssistant is intuitively designed for ease-of-use and can be customized in many ways for your company and any individual with minimal effort. ExecutiveAssistant delivers numerous benefits to help you manage your incoming and outgoing calls.

  • Effective and powerful

    With ExecutiveAssistant your prospective customer or client is provided an easy and crisp way to get through to you, even in your busiest times. Upon receiving a call, you hear the caller say their name and you can see the caller's information on your computer screen. The actual call record is there for you to see and information on prior calls is easily accessible as well. ExecutiveAssistant stores information about your contacts so that you are only a click away from looking at that information, including your previously written notes. Thus, using ExecutiveAssistant makes your communication with the outside world and vice versa very efficient and effective.
  • Economical and practical
  • Using ExecutiveAssistant allows you to screen out unwanted callers. You also have the ability to talk only to people of your choice as set in ExecutiveAssistant. You can even differentiate your phone calls by different times of the day and week. All this translates to saving money and the added ability to take care of other responsibilities with the saved time.

  • Professional sound and feel
  • When a caller is presented with the sparkling image of ExecutiveAssistant's crisp speech interface, they immediately imagine your business to be one of the innovators of the 21st Century. Having ExecutiveAssistant gives your company a hi-tech touch without the hi-tech price.

  • Quick and easy setup
  • The intuitive Installation Wizard along with the comprehensive Installation, Help and Tutorial documentation make for fast, easy setup and usage. Once your Administrator has setup the ExecutiveAssistant server application, the individual users can all setup their client ExecutiveAssistant applications within minutes. The quick User Setup Wizard steps you through the important choices so that your ExecutiveAssistant client can be working for you with minimal time invested. Many of the features are customizable for your business. You can easily add customizable message prompt sets either for your company or your own client that callers will hear and interact with. For instance, these could be out-of-town message prompts for your client ExecutiveAsisstant and you can simply swap between these prompt sets and the regular set. If you have an existing address book, ExecutiveAssistant taps into your existing information without any data entry or repetitive importing steps.

  • Flexible
  • Communicate with your contacts un-tethered from your PC and telephone. You can call into your ExecutiveAssistant from anywhere in the world and use SpeechDialer to place a call to any of your contacts. No more memorizing multiple phone numbers and having to carry pieces of paper with phone numbers scribbled on them. You don't need to put numbers in your phone's speed dial or even open up your address book. SpeechDialer has the power to find and dial a number just by you saying the person's name. ExecutiveAssistant also allows people to connect with you when you are out of the office by forwarding calls to an external number such as your cell phone or home office. The clear difference between ExecutiveAssistant and standard methods of call forwarding is that you can customize your ExecutiveAssistant client to only forward callers of your choice. The ability of ExecutiveAssistant to forward screened callers virtually eliminates telephone tag - so now your prospects can reach you without you being distracted by unwanted calls.

  • State-of-the-art technology
  • ExecutiveAssistant uses cutting-edge speech recognition technology for a fast, easy interface for you and your callers. Did you know that the software feeds the real-time audio stream into a third-party speech recognizer while simultaneously performing proprietary data analysis? Therefore, we always utilize the best speech engines but dramatically improve the results (and learning ability) due to observations and audio analysis specific to our application. The technology used in ExecutiveAssistant is one that changes and adapts. BrightArrow Technologies proactively listens to feedback from its customers and incorporates those ideas to make the product even richer. With the rigorous testing and constant use, you can rest assured that as the product adapts it remains solid as well.

  • Unique and friendly interface
  • ExecutiveAssistant is unique in that it provides all this rich functionality integrated with the phone system but with a powerful graphical user-interface at each workstation. The interface is easy and un-intimidating, with a rich Help facility to explain the power features. The interface also shows status information about how many calls have been taken by that user and the current screening level. Instant one-click details are available on these and other features from the main interface.

Manage your communications today with tomorrow's technology. 3Com ExecutiveAssistant puts you in control of your inbound and outbound communications. Avoid unwanted calls and stay connected with your contacts from anywhere. Easy to install, easy to maintain, step into the future with ExecutiveAssistant.


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