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 "We love your product... You guys are amazing… Just to tell you, what you have provided
for us is perfect. Not only is it perfect, but it is affordable. I cannot thank you enough.
It's terrific. You have a great product!"
- Dr. Gary Mekeel, Superintendent of Round Valley School District


School Edition

Detailed Product Description
Detailed Product Description
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Video Presentation

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BrightArrow Digital Voice Dialer - School Edition is an autodialer designed for automatic absentee notifications. A 20-minute live demo is available to experience this easy and low-cost solution for delivering pre-recorded announcements to parents' telephones and voice mails. BrightArrow, author of the popular 3Com Education Module, is the #1 supplier of IP-based auto-dialing software for schools. Using standard file formats, the software can automatically call lists of parents based for unexcused absences, meeting reminders, batch announcements and even emergency notifications.

The school edition features auto-dialing which is a mechanism that automatically dials a predefined list of phone numbers and speaks an audio message to the recipient or their voice mail. This enables schools to easily report unexcused student absences to parents for improved attendance rates. Additionally, it provides a mechanism for organizers of events, activities, and meetings to remind their respective participants. It can also be used for time-sensitive announcements such as school cancellations or delays due to snow days or hurricane warnings.

Example Usages:

  • Call parents to inform them that their child is absent
  • Events and meetings reminder for parents
  • Call staff for reminders or announcements
  • Call staff/parents regarding emergencies and school closures


Businesses and Non-profits

The business edition is aimed towards the specific needs of vertical businesses. Much like the school edition, the business edition allows new features to be added that impact business use with the benefit that price isn't affected by the school edition.

While both editions feature auto-dialing, the business edition includes capabilities for custom integration with contact information systems, and per item time scheduling. This dialer is useful in a variety of different businesses such as doctor offices, real-estate, law firms, churches, government, and many more.

General Business Example Usages:

  • Businesses reaching out to existing customers, prospects and partners to generate new sales
  • Notification of limited-time offers with an option to act
  • Automatically call business prospects from list to generate incoming sales flow
  • Call groups of people to assemble them for projects or contract opportunities

Doctors, Dentists, Attorneys, Accountants, and other companies where fewer no-shows improves the bottom line:

  • Remind patients or clients of appointments or meetings
  • Encourage patients or clients that it is time to make an appointment
  • Remind real estate prospects and even the agents of showings and meetings
Customer Interview
Healthcare Brochure

Churches and non-profits:

  • Notification of special events
  • Reminders of scheduled volunteer activities
  • Calling groups for special times or daylight's savings time reminder
  • Solicitations for special donation drives

Comparison Chart
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Comparison Chart

Overall, the auto-dialing functionality is a uniquely flexible and cost-effective way to improve communication - and such improved communication improves the overall perception and receptiveness that people have.

Call 1-800-649-9660 and say "Sales" for more information.

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