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BrightArrow Technologieswas formed to deliver effective solutions that maximize a person's productivity when communicating with others.

BrightArrow's core purpose is to help businesses and individuals around the world communicate in a faster, more cost effective, dependable and natural way that requires little technical knowledge or skill. We want to be known for the time we save our customers, the importance of our products in their lives, and the integrity of our people.


Description of Products

BrightArrow Digital Voice Dialer

Digital Voice Dialer is BrightArrow’s mass notification solution for calling parents and staff to quickly deliver pre-recorded voice, SMS text and e-mail messages. It includes the BrightArrow Target hosted web interface, delivering reliable and instant voice notification at a much lower price than other services.

Digital Voice Dialer retrieves phone numbers and e-mail addresses from your Student Information System or student list to notify parents, faculty and staff of emergency and non-urgent announcements. In addition to Web access, you can launch voice notifications by calling a toll-free phone number.

The system automatically dials a predefined list of phone numbers and speaks an audio message to the recipient or their voice mail. It also delivers SMS texts and e-mail messages.

BrightArrow ExecutiveAssistant

BrightArrow offers the industry's most useful, innovative and low-cost software solution to make phone conversations more time efficient. By essentially expanding the existing phone system to the LAN, BrightArrow ExecutiveAssistant gives callers a pleasant, productive experience using speech recognition, and gives the user a powerful tool to intelligently prioritize and choose their incoming calls.

ExecutiveAssistant, the Company's flagship product, answers incoming calls, converses with callers to determine how to route them, and provides intelligent information and decisions based on the identity of the caller. ExecutiveAssistant integrates with existing voice mail systems and offers its own alternative unified messaging features. Incoming voice mails and faxes are received and automatically directed to the users' e-mail inboxes, enabling users to file and forward voice mails just like e-mails. For phone systems that already offer unified messaging, ExecutiveAssistant can also integrate into the existing architecture. ExecutiveAssistant users can also access voice mails remotely using the speech recognition interface, which can represent a substantial advantage during commuting and other situations in which a touch-tone interface is clumsy.

For Offices with up to 400 employees that are using digital phone lines with a PBX.

  Call Recording & Monitoring

The Call Recording Module allows your customer to record any call inbound, outbound and extension-to-extension. The Module uses the EA Client interface for controlling the recording. All the recorded conversations are in standard Wave format and can be exported out into any file.

Our Recording Module uses Tapi/Wave technology. This means that it does not require the NBX recording license. It does not need any LAN changes and does not require the incoming information to be unencrypted. We provide the only recording solution to utilize a point-to-point connection instead of being multicast.

Silent Monitor and Barge-In are based on recording permissions. The Sales Manager will have rights to monitor & barge-in on any of his or her sales team. Likewise the CEO might have full visibility of the company. You simply click the Monitor button and it will show you who is on a call. You then highlight that call and pick up your phone to monitor. Barge-In works the same yet allows you to join the conversation.


Why Now?

The time is right for this solution. Very recent advances in speech technology have finally made this type of mainstream application practical and useful. Comprehensive beta-testing and usability testing have allowed us to make sure the product's benefits and features work well for your business. And BrightArrow's commitment to delivering value is reflected in the great price and service BrightArrow PhoneAssistant customers receive.


Raymond Bily, founder and CEO, graduated from MIT in 1982 to join Microsoft as Design Engineer, then becoming Product Manager of language products. He founded Midisoft in 1986, leading the company as CEO to the #1 position in music and audio software and taking it public in 1993.


Company Address:
PO Box 7493
Bellevue, WA 98008


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