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   Call Recording & Monitoring


Welcome to the Call Recording & Monitoring information page. The Call Recording module allows you to record any call inbound, outbound and extension-to-extension. Once it is set up, it is an extremely easy, yet powerful tool to use daily. You can record every call automaticly or you can record a call at any point in the coversation. The recordings are in standard Wave format and can be exported out of the system and emailed or saved to another file. The Call Log offers you the ability to see which calls have been recorded and gives you the ability to play them back at the touch of a button.

        EA Recording Manager  

Recording Technology

The Recording Module uses Tapi/Wave technology. This means that it does not require the NBX recording license. It does not need any LAN changes and does not require the incoming information to be unencrypted. We provide the only recording solution to utilize a point-to-point connection instead of being multicast.


           Record Call Window


Automatic Recording

Automatic will record inbound, outbound and extension-to-extension. The customer simply selects one or all of these and they will be recorded.

On Demand Recording

On Demand offers your customer the option of recording the call at any point during the conversation. Even if they begin to record halfway through the call, the whole conversation will be recorded.


  Silent Monitor & Barge-In

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Silent Monitor and Barge-In are based on recording permissions. This window shows which employees are on the phone. I also shows if the call is inbound or outbound and the telephone number the call is connected to. When a call is placed it will show up in this window. If you would like to monitor the call, you simply click the Silent Monitor button and highlight that call you want to monitor and pick up your phone.   Barge-In works the same yet allows you to join the conversation.

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