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  *It is required that you are under a current maintenance plan to be eligible for the update.
Download Version 2010.6.3XL     

About the Express Update

The "Express Update" method is a quick method that can almost always be used to update computers running the Digital Voice Dialer client software.

DO NOT uninstall Digital Voice Dialer before applying an "Express Update." You should never need to uninstall Digital Voice Dialer unless explicitly directed to do so by a support engineer. Uninstalling Digital Voice Dialer will have no effect on licensing or configuration because Digital Voice Dialer is designed to protect these items and keep them intact from accidental removal of the software. The "Express Update" is usually a zip file comprised of updated files. The zip file is approximately 7MB in size.

Using the Express Update

To begin the Express Update (server or client):
  1. Click the link at the top of the page to download the zip file.
  2. When prompted if you want to run or save the download, choose to save it to your local computer.
  3. Shutdown Digital Voice Dialer if it is running.
  4. Navigate to the zip file (compressed folder) that contains the updated files that you downloaded from steps 1-2.
  5. Open the zip file (compressed folder) and select all files.
  6. Extract the files into the install path on the local computer. By default, this path is C:\Program Files\BrightArrow\Digital Voice Dialer.
  7. If you are presented with a question as to whether you want to over-write the current files, select "Yes to All" to replace the current files.
  8. Once the files have been replaced, start Digital Voice Dialer.
  9. From the Menu, click About and verify the version number has updated.

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