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ExecutiveAssistant 6.0

Education Module 6.0

ExecutiveAssistant, BrightArrow's premier telephony application platform for the 3Com NBX family of phone systems, was developed by BrightArrow to deliver over a hundred features in the following categories:

  • Powerful Find Me / Follow Me
  • Secure, Integrated Call Recording
  • Flexible Call Monitor, Whisper, Barge-in
  • Speech Recognition Auto-Attendant
  • Call Announce, Screening, Prioritization
  • CRM Screen Pops and Dialing
  • Department Call Queue View
  • Speech Dialing
  • Outlook/Exchange Integration
  • In-office Presence
  • User-specific Audio-on-hold
  • Software platform can be customized to fit
    special requirements

BrightArrow ExecutiveAssistant
Feature List
BrightArrow ExecutiveAssistant
Call Recording
BrightArrow ExecutiveAssistant
Find Me Follow Me
BrightArrow ExecutiveAssistant
Flash Demo

Education Module, BrightArrow’s premier education suite, was developed for the 3Com NBX phone system to deliver over five core features to benefit K-12 schools and districts:

  • Auto-dialing for truancy and announcements
  • Homework hot-line
  • Automatic or on-demand call recording
  • Intercom
  • Emergency Notification upon 911 or incoming malicious call

The module interfaces with the NBX platform and a school’s local area network via a Windows-based PC that hosts the administration software from which various features can be invoked. 3Com IP phones on the desks of administrators and in classrooms funtion as intercoms and recording devices for homework hotline information.

Parents or students can obtain homework, extracurricular activity or lunch information by calling a school phone number. Individual teachers can record the day’s or week’s assignments or school personnel can record a consolidated message of assignments from all of a student’s teachers, saving staff time and easing information access.

The 3Com Education Module 911 feature lets school administrators and safety officials know anytime a 911 call is placed, helping them respond rapidly and potentially reducing the risk to the school and its students.

3Com Education   Case Studies
BrightArrow Education Module
Data Sheet:

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